Fold Your Way to Winning Online Poker

Fold Your Way to Winning Online Poker. It turns out that the number one reason in the loss in poker simply does not add up. Therefore The first, the most basic skill in poker is taking shape. If you said: “No, I know”, then go see if you want to do it. The purpose of this article is to teach you to be nothing more than a winning poker player. What is a winning poker player? This is a player who can make a profit consistently.

Any idiot can win poker (for a short time), but this is not the same as being a “winning poker player”. At the end of the week, the “winning poker player” was making money. At the end of the month they made money. The difference is that the “winning poker player” does not fall and does not burn. This article describes the key ability to double.

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Doubling is the most lost skill of most players. They can not be restarted. They will not restart. They find reasons to play when they have to find reasons to withdraw. They think and then rethink, they try to read minds. They play in clean positions and believe they can steal boats after the flop with any two cards. They think that doubling them will make them look weak in the eyes of their opponents. He blows his ego.

The main reason why people do not retire is that they want to play.

They see every “session” of poker as a thing that has a beginning and an end. If they play only one hour, then they want to play several hands during that hour. On the other hand, you will realize that your poker career is one of the biggest poker sessions judi poker. If you sit down to play for an hour and do not have situations, maps and scenarios where you need to play, you will not be able to play.

Take a pen and a notebook. At the top, write “ALWAYS FOLD ME …” and then write the following. You must write this. Reading does not make sense. If you really want to write it in your brain, you can write the list twice. When you write each hand, think about it.


If you decide that you are not going to ALWAYS throw a particular hand, then you have a fantastic reason and it is better that you create a strategy to play in approximately 15 different scenarios. Otherwise, simply convince yourself that you will always withdraw it in the next two months, until you become a winner. Then, if you wish, you can add it back to your initial hands with a goal and an action plan for the hand.