Seven Easy Tips For Improving Your Online Poker Game

Seven Easy Tips For Improving Your Online Poker Game. When you play online poker, you have options that you do not have in the card room or in your home game. Using these additional options, you can improve your online poker results.

 Let’s look at some of the things you can use when playing online poker.

1. Choose the right site – simple, yes? Play where you feel comfortable. Find a place where the competition is smooth and abundant. Find a site that offers the games or tournaments you’re looking for. Finding the right site is a matter of personal preference. Take a look at several sites and find the one that suits you best.

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2. Select “The correct game”. Use the lobby in the lobby room in the online room. Most lobbies list basic information, such as the percentage of the flop, the number of hands per hour and the average size of the pot. Here you can explore different tables. Also, if you have a list of friends.

3. You have a list of friends. If you play regularly, you will see some of the same players over and over again. You must quickly identify the trends of many players. When you find a player whose game you can use, put it on your friends list.

4. Pay attention. When you play online, it’s easy to get distracted. Very simple Let’s see … there’s an email, a baseball game you’re watching from the corner of your eye, a phone, children, a dog. And since all you need to do to play online is to simply start the computer, it is easy to play when you are distracted or tired.

5. Play only when you are prepared and rested. Imagine what advantage you would have with your average opponent if you simply followed this rule. Many players play online at their whim. You may have been online for hours and clicked impulsively on your favorite poker site to relax. Most likely, the only thing that will unravel is your bank accounts.

6. Play only for a set time or a certain number of hands. Do not fall into the trap of “just one hand” syndrome. Before starting to determine a specific time limit or a hand limit to focus the game. Playing for another hand has a way of becoming many other hands. And, if you play with one more attitude, I doubt you pay much attention or take notes.

7. Take notes. This is a great way to focus when you are not in your hand. Design your own shorthand to store notes. For example, I can write “CC w / junk” (cold calls with garbage), if I notice a player who constantly makes two bets with his hands, which should not.


Here are seven  tips to help you play agen poker online. Some put some effort. Some simply require a unique adjustment of their options. It’s pretty simple But I think if you follow them, it will help your online game.